Here Bloggy, Bloggy, Bloggy…. Here Bloggy…

So sometimes I could just make my thoughts into blog posts – without having to do any work. So my 15 minutes of quiet I get each day, x2, on my way to work could be spent thinking – and therefore writing – my blog posts. I am currently breaking a family rule. No electronic devices at the dinner table. But I think tonight can’t really count as a dinner time. Jon isn’t home. Makai’o is in the bathroom doing a poop. And Amaris is sitting backwards on her chair blowing raspberries at the ceiling and making funny noises. Maybe this is more of a regular Williams Family dinner time than I thought.

I’ve been busy the last 3 weeks. Very busy. I worked a 36 hour week, a 13 hour (plus 2 of my own weddings = 3 days, straight) and then a 31 hour week. This is a very physically demanding job. People think floral design is an easy job – just making flowers look pretty. But it is standing for 8+ hours a day, bending up and down merchandising, lifting buckets and vases up and down and moving them round and round. Cleaning. Sweeping. Organizing. Packing and unpacking arrangements and flowers and all kinds of things. Today we finished a funeral we’d been working on since we got the first order on Sunday morning. 23 pieces. 23 large scale pieces for an Italian visitation/funeral that was taking place today at 2pm. 2 days to get all of that done, plus all the normal things that we have to do on a regular basis to keep the business going. My body is mad at me and showing me with pain and soreness, basically everywhere. Plus the kiddos haven’t been sleeping well, and so I haven’t been sleeping well. Been a rough few weeks. I could easily go to bed right now. 6:13pm and I am ready for bed.

So there goes the blog – the first time sucker, along with TV, facebook and my other favorite time wasters. I’ve also noticed that I’ve basically stopped taking pictures. Where I used to carry my camera around with me, basically everywhere I went to not even pulling out my phone to snap a shot. LAME-O.

Well, here she be, my blog. I’m back to my writings…. Though this has really been about nothing. Ah well, one of those journal entry kinds. All information you didn’t really need to know and don’t want to know, but hey, you’ve already read it if you’ve go to here.

Did I mention I am WAY behind on Dandie Andie Desigs work. Eeek.


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