And there goes another one…

I have no idea how it is mid November. I guess working 2 jobs (well one job and contracts) for the both of us, while prioritizing family means we have very little time. If I have a spare moment, I sleep. I try to get my 8 hours in and with 8.5 hour shifts plus the pick up and drop off and driving times tacked onto either end gives us a whole 30-60 family minutes at the end of every day before bed time. Then Jon and I clean and tidy….. Then 10 and 10:30 come very quickly and it’s time to do it all over again. I’m not complaining. Im thankful I get to do a job I enjoy and that I’m good at and that I am employed and employable…. And I’m only one month away from probation being over and my pay raising to mor than minimum wage.

Lots to update and discuss…

More thoughts coming soon! I promise. I actually get 2 whole days off this week…

My Thoughts On…
Heaven, Hell and the Afterlife
Discipline Methods
Toilet Training Plea
Day Care Woes
I Work with MY Hands
Relationships, Community and all that Mess
New Designs


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