So Remember that Time?

So Remember that time I said I would post again soon…. and now it’s the beginning of December?  WOW.  So sorry.  It’s not like my blog is the be all and end all of interesting blogs.  This is more my way of communicating what’s going on in our world to those who are interested in knowing.  Makes sense.  Right.

First of all.  Toileting plea.  How did you get your kids to be dry through the night?  Simple as that.  Makai’o is like a super pee-er at night and wakes himself up everytime he pees, but won’t get out of bed to go on the potty or the toilet – just in his diaper.  Then goes back to sleep (eventually).  Ideally he’d be dry through the night and if he had to go during the night would wake up and go on the potty or toilet.  Makes sense, no?   Challenges to not drinking a few hours before bed…. We don’t normally get to eat dinner until around 6:30 because of work schedules.  Kids get ready for bed right after dinner…. Not enough time for the liquids to process through. Suggestions?

Heaven, Hell & the Afterlife.  I had some good thoughts and I don’t really remember what they were.  I should go back and re-listen to the teaching I heard at church to jog my memory.

Disciplining Methods – Don’t remember what I had to say about that.

Day Care Woes – Don’t remember that either.  Amaris is LOVING “Go-ning to Stham’s” as Makai’o says.  She’s learning to count and do her ABC’s.  Sam is an amazing (and flexible) day care provider.  I feel as though I am at least joyfully paying her almost half my daily salary knowing my daughter is getting great care during the day.  A 1:2 – 1:4 ratio is pretty darn good for child care!

I work with MY Hands – Once again, I’m sure I had some good thoughts…. I’m sure it had something to do with what I was learning… I’ll have to attempt to remember.  If it was that life changing – I guess I should remember it.  Oops.

Relationships, Community and all that Mess.  That’s going to be a whole other post.  Coming soon.  (How often do I say that?)

New Designs.  I’m learning so much at work – and learning to do new styles of design…. Which is challenging in a very specific way.  If you are a visual artist it would be like being a modern abstract painter and being appreciated for your abstract paintings by other artists but then being constantly requested to do mid 1800’s realism.  If you were a good painter, you could probably make it happen.  But you’d be a bit out of your element and it’d be quite the learning curve.  Sure you know HOW to paint and HOW it is done and when it comes to doing it – you are not always quite on the mark…. It takes time.  So basically, I’m learning a lot.  I’m learning how to multitask in this work setting and learning how to do more “high style” (which is what my boss calls it) and “traditional” design.  I’ve been told I’m “English Garden” and “Rustic” and “Simple” which are all good, but need to work on the other descriptors to be a well rounded RETAIL florist.  Completely different world.  But overall, enjoying it.

More to come on the family and life these days…


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