And it’s January. January 4th. It’s BIG NEWS time of year!

I don’t know how another month has gone by…
Um crazy.  So here’s our biggest family news.

And no, I’m not pregnant.  Though I have thought multiple times of starting with that when telling people we have some news.  Anyways, NO, not pregnant.

We’ve decided to move. Not within our city, not the next one over, but back to Mississauga.  That’s where we first started out, and it looks as though that is where we are going back to.  My parents live there.  My sister and her husband live there.  Jon works there.  All my wholesalers are there.  So many reasons to be closer to Mississauga.  It makes more sense for us to be commuting to church in Hamilton once a week, then it does to be commuting to work (for Jon) 5 days a week.  That means he will be gaining a minimum of 2 hours back every day that he wasted in the car before this.  That alone makes enough sense.  Because we have decided as a family that I want to work and I need to work and it’s good for me (emotionally, mentally, etc.) to work that it makes sense for us to be living closer to Jon’s work in order for the time we have as a family to increase.  I can basically work anywhere.  Being a florist – I have very transferrable skills.  Basically to any flower shop…. Plus I am still continuing my business, I am just working part time outside of my own business so we have some consistent income, and consistent part time work for me.  Who knew that is what would keep me sane!

Also, we’d be able to get rid of one car since we’d be living within walking/biking distance from Jon’s work, and that money would just transfer to our housing expenses.  Makes sense.  Mortgage rates are awesome right now, so our monthly payments wouldn’t be much different.  Mississauga is part of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) so houses are much more expensive, but because it is considered a suburb, the taxes are much lowe than where we live currently, downtown of a city.  So it almost all evens out.  ANYWAYS, our plan is to fix a few things up in the house this month and then list sometime in February.  And then once we sell, we’ll know exactly how much we can spend!

So, if you are looking for a lovely open concept 3-bedroom townhome with original hardwood floors and a massive kitchen – then we have the house for you.  It’ll be listed (in a month or so) at $209,000.  1500 sq feet + semi-finished basement.  3 bedrooms (17×11, 12×12, 13×9), 2 bathrooms.  No garage.  Street parking.  Small backyard – NO GRASS 😀

Wuhoo!  That’s our news.  It’s been nice to start cleaning stuff out of the house and packing our generally unused things into boxes and tubs for staging.  Good project for these winter months.


2 thoughts on “And it’s January. January 4th. It’s BIG NEWS time of year!

    • Thanks Heidi. It was not an easy decision. But we know it’s the right one. The house is almost ready to sell! And yes, many play dates still to come once you guys are back in Hamilton!

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