All I really want….

All I really want…
And no, not the Alanis Morissette song from 1995.  Wow that was a long time ago.  Yet I remember every single word to most of the songs.  I was 11 and 12 when I was really into Alanis.  Funny.  That was an uneccessary side note.

I really love reading blogs.  I really do.  I find I do have very much time to go through all the blogs on my subscribe list arriving in my inbox.  I really enjoy writing my blog.  I have lots of good things to say.  I have no idea if that’s what you like reading, but hey, public journalling.  Who knew that’s what would work for me.

Today is Wednesday.  I’m at home, with the kids.  All day.  By myself.  I have lots to do around the house (pack some books, paint, clean the floors, sort through 3 bins of junk).  I am waiting for a shipment of packing supplies to arrive. I have a headache (cause I smacked my head pretty hard on the edge of the car yesterday).  We are watching Elmo in Grouchland (seriously – Vanessa Williams is the Grouch Queen?  and Gideon from Criminal Minds is Huxley the bad guy?).  *Side note:  I didn’t know this movie was about Elmo’s blankie.  Amaris has been clutching her blankies furiously for an hour now.*  We had cereal and fruit for breakfast.  Amaris wants to cuddle – she is perched on my side.  Makai’o is reading his comic books.  This is our morning.  Obviously I’m paused in the things I NEED to do with what I am doing right now.  Writing this post.  Ah well.

Back to All I really Want… We have come to terms that we won’t be able to afford what we ACTUALLY want.  And what I’ve always wanted.  A brownstone on Sesame Street…

In all seriousness, we have tried to figure out what we want vs. what we need.  And it’s been hard cause what we can afford and what we need doesn’t line up, but it does include some of what we don’t need or want.  We are praying that we will find a great house that is a wonderful mix of everything we need, and that it’s the right price.  We have decided to not look at any places until our house is sold.  It just makes it easier, and then we know EXACTLY what we can afford.  Cause $1000 makes a big difference and a tiny difference all at the same time!  Trying to find that balance of simple living with practical living is something we will always struggle with and strive towards as the Williams Family.  And now it makes a big impact as we choose a new home.

We have begun to talk to Makai’o about moving.  From his perspective the only time he has moved was from his foster to our home.  Moving could bring a lot of baggage for him.  We have explained that it will be us, all together, the same, with all his same things, just in a new bedroom in a new house – but that we are still altogether forever.  We hope he will be pleased by the time the move comes 😀


While I was looking for a picture of the Sesame Street Set.  I came across these humorous Sesame Street Images.

The Family Humour

The Intellectual Humour

The Religious Humour

The Star Wars Humour

The OCCUPY Sesame Street Movement…



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