Colour Combos

I’m already starting to think of colour combos for the new house…. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, cause I don’t know the layout quite yet.  Makes a big difference for the house that we end up in!

My friend, Emily Morrice, blogs at Our Nest in the City and just showed pics of her little one’s rooms that she’s currently working on.  Stripes.  Horizontal stripes.  Grey on white.  They look stunning.  I don’t know if it would work in Mari’s room since she has A LOT of colour going on… Her room is currently green with purple pink and orange accents.  Not super girly – but totally kid.  Since we plan to be in whatever house we buy for a LONG TIME we want to paint in a transferrable way, something she can enjoy for years.  Same with Kai.  His room is currently yellow but everything else is blue with a few green accents.  So blue is still the colour of his bedding and his bed, his furniture is light wood colour – but everything else can basically be switched.  He also has multi coloured bunting banner flags hanging from the ceiling.  A cheap decor feature (that took me forever to make) but something that can be used and re-used somewhere else when he is done with them.  Or maybe it will go in the new playroom?  (Or my dream to have a play room) Our idea for his room was beach themed… Boats, water, Beach “flags”, starry night sky…  OOOH!  So many ideas!  Anyways, stripes might totally work in his bedroom… Especially if it is already white or a beige or “Real Estate Capuccino” colour that so many places are painted to sell.  Anyways, an idea I’d be willing to consider…. Maybe just do one accent wall?  HUM….. So many choices!

Any design blogs or sites you can recommend to give me ideas would be helpful?!

This is what I had in mind… I prefer the stripes when they are suttle in their difference opposed to bold difference.  Take a looksie!

And this is just a brilliant idea that I’d love to do.  Maybe on a giant canvas opposed to right on the wall!


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