The Airplane Itch.

The Airplane Itch.  An itch I start to get when I want to jump on a plane, head to somewhere ELSE.  Anywhere else.  Just travel.  Visit.  Vacation.  Relax.  Explore.  Experience.  Get away.  No secret that I like to holiday elsewhere.  I love the excitement of getting on an airplane in one city and country and then getting off that same airplane somewhere completely differently.  Love it.  Love those airplanes.

Back about a year ago we were planning on going to Colombia for 3 weeks this January.  We had been invited by a ministry in Colombia to partner with them and help out with our various skills.  Jon’s media and youth work, my youth work and administration.  Shortly after plans were underway for this adventure Jon’s sister Claire got engaged.  They decided to get married July 2012.  There was no way that we could go to Colombia and anywhere else in 2012 as Jon got 3 weeks of vacation time.  And we can’t miss Claire’s wedding!  She was even in our bridal party.

So a new plan started.  We would go WITH the children to England in July 2012 for 2 weeks.  Most of Jon’s family haven’t met the children and so we could do that and be at Claire’s wedding.  So at this point we are having to save for 4 plane tickets and have 1 remaining week for vacation.  We could do it.  It would work.

We then decided we would like to take that remaining week and go on a vacation.  Just Jon and I.  That would be 2 years from when we last went on a vacation if we went when we were originally planning to go to Colombia.  In January – 2012.

This was the week that Jon and I were planning on going to Mexico.  Last spring, March to be exact.  Jon started his new job, and with that job was a new budget, and with that budget was a nice little line that I was able to add in a little section I was fond of – vacation fund.  And it that line there was enough money to put aside monthly for Jon and I to go on a little vacation and to England.

Then LIFE HAPPENED.  Amaris was diagnosed with all of her food allergies.  So all of those alternative foods cost about $25 a week (special bread, cheese, milk, crackers, etc.)  Makai’o needed to switch his asthma medication which was an additional $16 a month over and above what was covered by our new insurance.  Jon’s salary went up a tax bracket, and so we were actually making less than we thought we were.  The kids grew up and started eating more.  A lot more.  More than what my budget thought they would eat.  House taxes went up, our utilities went up… Everything just seemed to cost more.  So by the time the end of the summer came around we were revisiting our budget.  We reviewed.  Not only was there $0 in the vacation fund, we were struggling to get buy monthly.  And it boiled down to this.  We needed more monthly income…. A few months earlier we were planning 2 international trips.  Now we were just sitting at $0 at the end of each month…  So there was one major bright shiny brilliant idea – make more money.  I was the one who had the time to invest into making more regular income.  So I got a job.

Or just enough to go to England, but not on a vacation. So we came to a little bit of a dilemma.  Jon and I are invested into one another and our marriage and for me that meant time away to relax.  That also meant Mexico was out of the question.  But we had to figure out a way the two of us could have some time together.  We hadn’t done that other than a few date nights since the kids came home.  So we planned a weekend getaway.  A way for us to have a mini vacation that would hopefully hold us off until we went to England.  We took the Thanksgiving weekend and spent it together in Toronto.  A few meals out, the movies, walking around, staying in a hotel…. It was great.

So now we were in the middle of October without a penny in our vacation fund, planning on going to England for 2 weeks in July.  We were relaxed, rejuvanated, and had spent 3 whole days together sans enfants.  Ready to get back into saving mode.  Tickets were getting more expensive every few weeks.  And we also didn’t have any money aside for the Christmas holidays.  So I took every shift I was offered, I worked part-time overtime (full time).  I busted my butt to make as much as I could in that time frame.  Jon also got 2 contracts, both of them long term, but every penny helped.  So we came to a successful christmas with enough money above and beyond to purchase our tickets, which we did the beginning of January.

So here we are, a few weeks later.  Plane tickets bought for England.  Back to $0 in the vacation fund.  Not going to Mexico – but wishing we were going to Mexico.  Going to England, and planning to move.  And hoping for a vacation in 2013…

I have a thing for leaning palmas


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