The Move

The Move.  It’s happening.  The house is SO CLOSE to being ready to be put on the market.  In one week.  Next Thursday.  Our lovely little house will have it’s own MLS number.  We’ve done almost all the big things like painting, packing all the unnecessary stuff (14+ boxes), now just a bunch of little things…. Putting some items into storage (aka:  my parent’s garage) while the house is showing, do a thorough cleaning, clean the windows and blinds,  and the last big one which is having all new carpeting put in…. Which involves us moving all the furniture from the second floor down to the first floor.  And then after the carpeting is put in, moving all of that furniture back up to the second floor.  REALLY ANNOYING.  How exciting to have fresh beautiful clean carpets, and seems like a lot of work.  It had been suggested that we don’t replace the carpet until after selling the house on moving day, but it is so gross, we just can’t show the house with the way the carpet is now.  We won’t be potty training Amaris until after we move 😀

Once our place is sold – we get to start looking!  That’s the most exciting part!

Moving with a 2 and 3 year old has so far not been a challenge.  We talk about it every few days in hopes they will understand what’s going on.  But it is a bit worrying as the only other times the kids have moved is from their foster homes to our home.  We are starting to plan and prepare ourselves now for the melt down of the century from both kids… Just in case.  Any tips for moving with preschoolers?


2 thoughts on “The Move

  1. Include them in the buying process – let them see the house when it’s empty after you have bought it, show them where their new rooms will be (maybe let them pick rooms?) This is so exciting and bitter sweet for you guys (and us) Lets grab a beer soon and talk I miss you!

  2. We have moved twice with Jake since he was born and he’s done great – we have done similar things to what has been suggested – like talk about the move (but not too much, lol), let him be involved in the process of looking at houses, “help” packing, show him the new home empty and also let him choose his room. He actually loved moving (both times) and still calls our current house (of over 1 year) his “new house”. Good luck!

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