The Stage

Staging the house is officially complete.  Some realators take staging much more serious than others.  Our realtor is a little bit more relaxed on the staging that most.  His basic instructions were:

  • Clean everything incredibly well, and keep it that way for all showings
  • Make sure there is nothing sitting on top off anything – have clear counters, shelves, tables, etc.

That was it.  He had seen the house a few months ago, where we talked about the bigger things that needed to be done.  Luckily he didn’t think we needed to rip out the whole bathroom and start from scratch, the same with the kitchen.  So we “refreshed” both.  He also didn’t think we needed to pain all the bedrooms, which we thought we may have to do since we had chosen such bold colours. The one large thing that we all agreed on was the stairs.  The carpet was nasty and needed to be ripped out.  We had 3 options.  1.  Rip out the carpet and sand down the stairs and paint them.  2. Rip out the carpet and put on hardwood caps on to the stairs and stain them the same as the hardwood.  3. Recarpet the stairs.  We hated the colour of the carpet anyways.  After planning on doing step one and realizing it wasn’t going to work as the wood was worn down, we went to step 2.  It was going to cost $1600 for materials plus all of our own work.  So we move to option #3.  Matching stairs carpet to the rest of the upstairs was impossible since the carpets were old and so we decided to re carpet all of the stairs and upstairs.

We’ve discovered selling a house is WAY more work than buying a house, and luckily we aren’t exactly doing both at the same time.  We aren’t officially starting to look until we’ve sold ours.  But it’s on the market – it’s ready to be sold and for a new person, couple or family to settle into our well loved home!

The Cost.  Here’s our cost for the full fixing, staging & prepping of the house.

  • Boxes to pack unnecessary and irregularly used items – $207
  • Carpet all of the stairs and upstairs – $2287
  • Labour & Materials for fixing the tiles in kitchen and bathroom – $299
  • Materials & Other Supplies – $141
  • Paint – $96
  • Plants – $39
  • Flowers – $77
  • Fruit – $12

Total Amount for prepping our house to sell:  $3158


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