Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time I had a blog.  This blog.  This blog that I updated regularly.  I guess I don’t need to apologize.  I’ve been busy.  Really busy.  I have so many lovely blogger friends out there who find extra time for blogging, and in the last few months, that time has been trumped by children, sleep, sickness, work… and life.  I’ve missed my blog.  I’ve missed sharing what’s going on in the Williams’ world.  I’m ready to share again.

The reason I have the time today is that I’m not at work. That’s cause I don’t have a job.  I left.  I couldn’t juggle it anymore.  Retail hours (ending up being mostly evenings and weekends) with Jon commuting, running my own business, a 2 and 3 year old and all that entails, running a household, showing a house (since it is still up for sale), and then of course attempting to have a social life for the family, a social life as a couple, and a personal social life…. Exhaustion had taken over.

So, we have done a few things to improve our situation, and more blog posts will be coming… Including the celebration of Makai’o and his birthday (Sunday) and his anniversary (yesterday).


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