And We Keep Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’….

I am fairly sure my last blog post stated I was now going to have the time to keep blogging. That was May 4th, 2 days before Kai’s 4th Birthday.  It’s now June 20.  Since then, our house has closed, we’ve moved into my parents house, and we’ve bought a new house.  We are also 2 weeks away from our family trip to England for Jon’s sister’s wedding.  And then it’s another 2 weeks until we get possession of our new house.  I can’t wait to take pictures and show you our BEFORE photos.  I hope the transition will be miraculous!

Let me tell you all about it.  It’s about 1500 sq ft.  We think.  It’s a 3 storey townhouse, where you walk in at ground level – there is no basement.  On the ground level there is the garage that cuts into the square footage of the house, but other than that – there is a coat closet, a large 2 pc bath, the laundry room/storage room/furnace room, a family room with sliding doors out to the back yard.  That back yard is not fenced in, it is also half garden.  Though it’s a beautiful garden, we are going to decrease the size of that significantly to increase some space to put a table and chairs and make a little bit of play room for the kiddos.

The second floor is an L shaped living room and dining room with a kitchen and eat-in area.

The third floor has 3 bedrooms and one 4 pc bathroom and a linen closet.  Straightforward, simple, classic 40 year old town house layout.

The BOO factors to the house:

  • The house is 39 years old, as is ALL of the carpeting (everywhere except kitchen and bathrooms) and needs to be replaced immediately.  Due to asthma in 50% of our family, plus hygienically and esthetically gross – we will be replacing it before we move in.  We have opted for laminate, with young children and the lifestyle that we live, we are sufficiently pleased with the look and stability that laminate gives opposed to going with hardwood.  We will most likely be putting carpeting on the 2 sets of stairs.
  • Kitchen – no dishwasher and only 8 cupboards, and REALLY old appliances.  There is a high chance that things we need to be updated, fixed, replaced, etc.  There also isn’t a lot of space for storage of anything kitchen related.  We are looking into some cupboards/pantry style additions
  • Wall paper.  1 bedroom is completely wall papered.  1 bedroom, living room and dining room have a wall papered border.  1 bathroom is wall papered.  We will be removing ALL the wall paper….
  • Paint.  Though I don’t have anything against peach, pink and coral…. Most of the house is painted one of those colours – except Amaris’ room, which is fully wallpapered – where we would have been okay to have peach, coral or pink.  Ah well.
  • No A/C.  It’s not secret that I love the warm weather, it’s also no secret that I don’t like to be drenched in sweat all the time.  Air Conditioning is not a necessity, and if finances allow, we will put one in at some point.  We have enough fans for one in each bedroom as well as one in the main living space.
  • Ground floor – almost all wood panelling.  Not even matching panelling.  Luckily it was placed on top of dry wall and we will just be giving a little facelift!
  • Light Fixtures.  Everything was about lamps back in the early 70’s.  Most of the house does not have ceiling lights.  ALL LAMPS.  I will be looking for some vintage, DIY, cheap, fun, alternative lighting options.  We will not be able to afford to have the electrical work done to change that.  So cheap-o lamp shopping it is!

The things we LOVE about the new house:

  • Bedrooms are well placed, with the kids bedrooms to the inside of the condominium, while our bedroom is at the back closer to the road – sound wise, so much better.
  • In comparison to some of the other houses we looked at, way larger and a way better layout.  All space is useable.
  • Master bedroom – HIS AND HERS CLOSETS.
  • Large bathrooms.  Bathroom beside family room (PLAY ROOM) and near the front door, great for pit stops before heading out the door.
  • There is a garage.
  • There is a driveway.
  • We are across from the visitor’s parking, 4 spaces right in front of our place!
  • In the school area for one of the best schools in the district – YAY!  Kai’o will be heading to ALL DAY kindergarden in September.
  • Less than 1km from Jon’s office, just over 1km to Kai’s school, 3km (exactly) to my parents house, and 3.3km to Meghan & Alex’s.  Basically IDEAL location!

All very exciting!  We are hoping for our first walk through NEXT week with our handy men helpers to do measurements for flooring, etc. More info, pictures and fun to come!


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