Paint Colours

OOH!  My favorite part of moving.  Not painting, just paint colours.  Choosing them – someone else doing the work.  I hate painting.  BUT… Dun, dun, duh, duh, dun, duh, dun…. We have chosen our paint colours.  Jon and I went out for our anniversary date a few nights ago.  We shared a DQ blizzard and then went to Home Depot to pick out paint colours.  I know.  OH SO ROMANTIC.  I’m practical.  I can’t help it.

I forgot how good Jon was at picking out colours… Since he is in the media industry and works with colour everyday, I sort of needed to be reminded he may be as good (or even better) at picking out what we need.

First of all, we are going from a 2 storey house to a 3 storey house, so this allows for MORE space to be painted.  BUT, it also is a completely different layout that needs consistency since it’s a tall and skinny house.  So our first big task was to pick out the paint colour that would be the main colour for the whole house.  Beige – blah.  No thanks.  I did want a neutral that could be consistent throughout all the living spaces and stairways.  We’ve chosen BEHR paint and we decided we’d like to get the good stuff – Behr Premium Plus Ultra that is a paint and primer in one.  Because the house is currently pink/peach/coral colours – we’d like to have to paint the house once, and only once… Well, 2 coats…. But priming then painting is way too much time painting on stairs!  We only need Behr Premium Plus for the bedrooms.  The colour we are going to paint through the whole house is CHATEAU UL160-18.  We have chosen a secondary colour, in case it is too dark for when we actually take it too the walls at our walk through on Tuesday. Our next choice is VAST DESERT UL170-17

We were inspired for our colours through all the things we already owned, PLUS, through a “colour outlook” booklet by Valspar that I had picked up back in the winter when we decided to put our house up for sale.  It just happens that we loved all 4 looks in the book, and with the master bedroom, bathroom plus 2 other floors – we are sorta divy-ing up the booklet by floor into our house.  More colour inspiration than style – but a little of that too.

1st Floor (Hallway, bathroom, family room/play room) is “CONVERGING CULTURE” – eclectic piece in standout colour, be courageous with colour, break rules, mix patterns and bold geometrics, blend global influences, combine modern with ancient, anything goes.  We have this vintage gold and red striped couch that was from the previous owners of our previous house.  It’s probably from the 60’s and I totally dig it.  My mom hates it – but I love it’s bold colours and pattern.  That will be the base of this room.  It will begin with the mish mash of the rest of the furniture and decor we have to create this little play room/family room/tv room starting with comfort, it will slowly define itself into more of a global fusion style.  Bathroom – Totally zen, still to be determined.

2nd Floor (Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen) is “PRECIOUS GARDEN” – simple, defined, fresh, saturated greens, neutral walls, accessories in strong yellows.  Include teals, turquoise, limes and more greens and blues.  This will work well with our black furniture – it just happens that all of our furniture that will go on this floor is black… Not planned… just happened that way.  So with lots of pops of colour from art, cushions and decor.  It will be simple and clean.

3rd Floor (master bedroom, kids bedrooms and main bathroom) is ORGANIC ELEMENTS – natural, texture, lighter earthen walls, calming, organic shapes, earthy browns, mineral greys.  All of these descriptions just resounded with me as that’s what I want my bedroom to be.  We’ve chosen Behr’s Hazelnut Cream 750C-2 to paint our bedroom to be a calming neutral where our bed linens will bring pops of colour (purple and green and browns) where the rest of our decor and bedroom will fall into place.  If we end up going a shade lighter for the whole house colour, then we will be going a shade darker for our bedroom, Sandstone Cliff 750C-3 as it accents the hallway colour much better.

The kids rooms we have based on what will work for them now and in the future – something they can enjoy as they grow older.  For Makai’o we have chosen a very soft silvery blue Behr’s Airy 550C-1 that will be calming and suit his dark and bold bed spread.  For Amaris we have chosen Behr’s Apricot Light 280B-4 that will be soft well, apricot colour for her hot pink, tangerine and orange bed spread.

The main bathroom is the only thing that will stay close to the same of what we had in our Hamilton house.  Cool calming blue.  We had Behr’s Rhythmic Blue 510E-2 and it was great, but I wanted something a little bit deeper.  So I just looked at the next colour card over…. And we found Tropical Breeze 520E-2 which was exactly what I wanted, still muted and grey based blue, but with a little bit more of a deeper hue than the Rhythmic Blue we had in our John St house.  Going with the URBAN LIGHT theme that I loved just because our bathroom doesn’t have a window in it – just a crappy light fixture, we will be illuminating it with glossy whites (and fluffy white towels), a giant mirror, our modern white with black shower curtain, and add a few dramatic touches with (eventually) a stand-out awesome light fixture.

So, very exciting for me as I begin to nest into my new home…. Which won’t occur for another 2 months, but still… Feels more like home already!  We can’t wait for our walk through this Tuesday to see it again!


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