Facebook – Positive Changes for Page Users

This note is on my business’ Dandie Andie Floral Designs Facebook Page but I thought I’d post it here as well. As many of you know, Facebook now requires page administrators to pay to promote their updates if we want our content to be seen by our fans. If we do not pay to promote our posts, only about 10% of the fans receive the page feed.

And after many complaints by thousands of page administrators, Facebook has made a way for ALL of our likers to see our updates! YAY!

1. Visit the Dandie Andie Floral Designs facebook page (using your computer, not your mobile).  If you haven’t “liked” us yet.  Please do!

2. On the right hand side on the page right next to the “like” button there is a drop down box.

3. Click on that drop down box and click on the “add to interest list”.

If you want to keep seeing posts from this page please follow these steps!

Dandie Andie Floral Designs would appreciate your continued support!

Thank you to Rose Matis Dykstra on Facebook from Simply Rose Photography l B.C. Photographer to informing me of this information!


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