God Provides

God provides.

No doubt about that. Even though it has been challenging, we always believe that God provides. Whenever, whatever, he provides. We stand firm in our belief that he loves and cares for us enough to continually taking care of.

Here’s our current situation. We’ve just moved to Mississauga, a more expensive area of Ontario, a city that is just outside of Toronto and part of the Greater Toronto Area. We talk about our decision to move here and here. We took advantage of the incredible mortgage rates available in the spring and decided to move in 2012 instead of our plan to move later in 2013.

The layout of our new home is very different than our previous one. Every space useable – but very different. This required different furniture, especially as our main living room furniture, my lovely couch, didn’t fit up our U shaped stairs. We have 2 chairs in our living room, and a whole lot of cushions. We wanted to buy a new couch, but moving into a new house costs a lot and puts a strain on our budget. Even though we can afford to live where we are now in Mississauga, the additional costs of unexpected house repairs, moving costs, the deposits for utilities (since we are in a new city) and the kids both starting up at school put us in “God provides mode”.

We still had no couch. Being someone who likes to open her home to others – not having the furniture to be hospitable with was driving me crazy. I just wish my black couch from downstairs could have fit! We had started the search at the beginning of October looking for new or used pieces that would work in our space. The budget : $1000, how much of that budget did we already have? $0. Why the $1000 – we felt as though that was a good number to get a decent piece of furniture, even better quality if it was second hand. Either way – how were we reaching those financial goals of saving $1000?

When we moved, we started by selling some furniture, and buying other used pieces for storage. One of these pieces was a cedar lined armoire/hutch. We used this for storage for our games and some of my crafty items like fabrics… well, mostly just fabrics along with the games. It wasn’t really working after we had re-arranged the living room for the third time. And as we began to search for a new couch, we realized this new second hand piece of furniture that we had just got, didn’t quite work with our imaginary furniture. So, Kijiji it was. I reasearched the type of furniture it was and the materials it was made with. The fact that it was a cedar lined armoire put the price up much high than what we bought it for. We purchased it for $70 and sold it for $160. I could have easily listed it for $200, but we wanted to get rid of it quickly, and it happened in less than 48hrs.

Profit: $90.
How much needed to reach goal. $910.

Selling unneccessary items that we own are GOING. I even think, hum, maybe if i… Nope – GONE. We are planning on being in this house fairly long term, and we don’t have the space for saving things for no reason, no room for many seasonal items, things that “we may use one day”, stuff to far into the future for the kids…. We are getting rid of video games, clothes, toys. It’s adding up to the cost of our couch.

Profit (SO FAR) from selling things on kijiji (other than furniture from above): $65
How much needed to reach goal. $845.

Jon teaching drum lessons. Long story short. Struck a deal with a family….
Profit: $200.
How much needed to reach goal: $645.

Exchanging clothes. Returned things bought online at Old Navy for the full price that I payed and then rebought them at the sale price, plus 30% off.
Profit: $26.
How much needed to reach goal. $619.

I thought I wanted pieces from the KIVIK line from ikea – super comfy, seemed super durable, perfect fabric. But basically $1050 for 2 chairs and ottoman. Not enough seating. It was the back up plan if we never found anything. Went to EQ3 and found 3 options that would have worked perfectly. We only would have been able to get a loveseat for our budget. One armless loveseat. That won’t fill my living room. Leon’s had some nice love seat options – once again. $800 per piece……

At this point, we seriously started looking for a couch as we realized it wasn’t going to be very easy – and we found one from Modern Sensibility – the Waterloo. A modular sofa, where everything comes in individual pieces and will easily fit up the stairs. When it went on sale last weekend, we bought it, trusting that the funds will come in. It isn’t the best, it isn’t the highest quality… But every single piece of fabric comes off to wash. YAY! It’s high density foam and all wood (no plywood or fibreboard). It’s firm, but we’ll have to work the comfy in…

Still things to sell: kids table and chairs outdoor set, kid’s little tykes car, kids picnic bench and sandbox, clothes, cloth diapers, toys and more. We are trusting that God will bring the buyers and that we will be able to reach our goal and pay for that couch!

Then, I’ll start praying that we will find a spectacular dishwasher when the time comes. *Crossing fingers for boxing day*


Oct 23 – Update: Sold an old ikea dresser that wasn’t in full use.
Profit: $30
How much needed to reach goal. $589.

Oct 25 – Update: Sold an old NES that we didn’t need any longer.
Profit: $45
How much needed to reach goal. $544

Oct 28 – Update: Sold a toy and some video games.
Profit: $60
How much needed to reach goal. $484

Nov 2 – Update:  Sold an extra boxspring.
Profit:  $50
How much needed to reach goal.  $434

Nov 6 – Update:  Received cash BACK from our lawyers from our house purchase.
Profit:  $100
How much needed to reach goal.  $334


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