Product Post: Cariboo Island by Cranium

We’ve started introducing some family traditions for Friday Nights…. Friday Family Night. This includes things that we have previously done, but are solidifying it more into a regular occurrence. These Friday nights can include Junk Food Fridays as well as Games Night, Movie Night or a special activity. The kids are often exhausted by the end of their week, so we really just end up eating dinner earlier, getting ready for bed and then watching the show, doing the special activity, etc. and still getting into bed on time. Here’s the game we played tonight!

Cariboo Island is a game created by Cranium. It’s the perfect family game for kids ages 3+. The Game (very basic synopsis) is taking turns by choosing a card with a number, letter, shape or color and then choosing/matching it to one of the coin doors. Once the player has matched and chosen the door, the player turns a key to find coins. The players continue to take turns until all the coins are found. One by one as they are found, they are put in a slot – and when they’ve found all the coins, pushing them into the slot – the treasure chest pops open. There are two sets of cards (beginner and advanced.

It’s a perfect game for the kids at ages three and four and we play in teams to make the game go faster and it gives the kids the opportunity to “win more treasure” (coins). Even though we all are working towards the common goal of getting the treasure, completing the game by finding all the coins and popping open that treasure box.

I highly recommend it for ages 3-6. Great gift, great game. Enjoy!

Here’s a little play by play.










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