Allure of the Seas….

The Ultimate Dream Family Vacation.

I’ve written before how I prefer to refer to myself as a traveller not a tourist.  But the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas for Kids looks AMAZING.  Child entertainment, activities and fun around the clock.  I read all about this at one of my favorite blogs, Rage Against the Minivan.  After reading Kristen’s review…. Forget Disney – this looks like the best!  We had always hoped and planned on going to Disney in a few years from now… But with Makai’o detesting rides – I don’t know if it is worth it!  With an art room, science room, kid’s day activities (“day camp” which means mommy and daddy alone time), a carousel on the deck, a waterpark, pools, kids shows…. It just keeps going on and on!  For the busy children that I have, this sounds like an amazing option for a vacation down the road.

I’ve always been skeptical of cruises… always been a bit frightened of the ‘everything you’d ever need and more… right here… on a boat….’ kind of deal.  But this, oh, this makes it seem totally okay.

Now that we have done one family vacation, we would need to be WAY MORE PREPARED for our next one… There is no such thing as a lazy beach vacation with children.  A cruise would give us a touch of our lazy beach vacation, with a dash of entertainment, fun, change, without going to far outside our kids’ comfort zones.  We plan on pushing those boundaries a little bit later in their lives.

Ah… Another thing to save for…



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