Product Review: The “Tami” from Old Navy

The “tami” is supposed to be the perfect mix between a tank top and a camisole.  In my opinion, it is.  I recently purchased a “tami” from Old Navy to replace a few of my tanks that I LOVED from H&M.  SIDE NOTE:  They no longer carry that tank, which was a bummer, cause they lasted me for a few years!  This is why I was on the hunt for a new undershirt.

I’ve always worn a tanktop under my shirt.  As long as I remember, I think it was grade 7 when I went to a private school that required a uniform.  Being 12 and wearing a white dress shirt, I also wore a white tank top underneath.  Cause we all know those Oxfords are just of the highest quality!  Ugh.  Even on weekends, I’d wear a tank top under my shirt since I got so used to it during the week.  I’ve gone through different stages of wearing different tops as my body changed and as the clothes wore out.

I went through a stage where I loved the Old Navy Perfect Rib-Knit Tank – but it had no elasticity (it does now) and it would droop out of shape by the end of the day.  I didn’t like that as I found that the straps would also stretch out and then the top would be too long in the armpit and that was annoying (these features are all improved with the new style – which I tried after I bought the “tami”).

After the Old Navy Tank, my sister and I then found a lovely option at Addittion Elle.  But the fabric was quite thick and too hot for the summer and at $20 each (plus size stores are so expensive), we knew it wasn’t a long term find.

I later graduated to a cami/tank that H&M had, I used those for probably about 5 years…. They were that good that I stuck with them that long and at $7.99 it was a great price.  Now that those have started to wear thin, not fit, have holes, ripped, etc.  I needed to replace some of them.  I started back at H&M – but they no longer carry XL in most items, and they don’t even have this tank anymore.

So I searched…. And I saw an Old Navy email that was featuring “the new tami”.  So when the next Old Navy sale happened, I stopped in at the store and picked up 2 (on sale for $6 each).  I was a bit skeptical as they are made from 57% cotton, 38% Modal® and 5% spandex.  This new fabric called modal which is synthetic, but made from natural sources (like beech wood) is similar to bamboo rayon.  Supposedly it is prone to pilling and stretching, but those are the only negatives to this new fabric.  I have not yet seen pilling or felt stretching.

The tank top – So far, I love it.  These are the reasons why:

  • they wear well (the armpits don’t droop, they don’t loose shape throughout the day, they don’t get stuck in my rolls)
  • they wash well (didn’t shrink, maintained colour – after 4+ washes – so far so good)
  • they look good
  • they layer well
  • they are super soft
  • they are nice and long
  • they come in a million colours

Overall, I am pleased with my purchase.  I did use a bit of my birthday money to buy a few more – so I am happy with all 4 of my “tamis”.  It really is a great crossover tank top and camisole.  Thanks Old Navy!

*(June  25, 2013) Note: They do pill slightly, and they do stretch out gradually, especially in length.  I’m happy with what they were for $6, but I won’t buy more.  The new rib knit tanks WITH stretch are awesome.


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