It’s Funny You Asked About That…

No really it is.  It is funny you asked about our new couch.  The new couch that I ranted and raved about in a previous post a few weeks ago.  This is the new couch that we own, the new couch that I hate.

We worked our butts off for the $1000 to buy this couch.  We bought it.  It was delivered.  We set it up.  It looks lovely.  It fits perfectly.  But there is something that just isn’t right about it…

When you sit on this couch you can feel the frame around your bum, and it is on a slight angle.  Not an angle backwards so you can sink in it a little bit…. It feels like it is on an angle with the seat leaning forward.  My bum goes numb in about 5 minutes as all the blood has rushed to my feet.  The banding and butt support just isn’t the same.  The reason this is so frustrating is that I spent a good 30 minutes trying out this couch in the store, in every configuration.  I lay on it, I sat on it, I lounged on it… And I was pleased.  But the one that came home did not seem like the same couch.  It seemed cheaper, not constructed the same, and definitely not as comfortable.  After 9 days of seeing if we could get used to our purchase I called the store.  Unfortunately, we have to wait until the manager gets back from being away to decide what to do…  So we are waiting to hear, a few more days of waiting to see what they are going to do about this “faulty” couch.

I’m already on the search for a new couch.  And this search happens to coincide with Ikea’s Buy one, Get one 50% off fabric furniture.  Hello Kivik!

We heard back after we had a “technician” come check out what the problem was.  They are replacing the cushions, with better foam…. I assumed I already had the best foam…  Why would they sell an inferior product.  Dumb.  That’s all we got.  No refund, no exchange.  No referrals or recommendations for them.  BOOOOOOO.  That’ll happen this week.  And hopefully my bum will be happier.


One thought on “It’s Funny You Asked About That…

  1. I LOVE your blog, and I’m so happy to have found it! We are just starting out in the CAS adoption process and having an insight the facts and frustrations, with the humor, inspirational prayers and information really help us feel more comfortable with the sometimes scary processes. So, thank you!
    Now to the point… Same thing happened to us! The big box bum numbing couch was the bane of our living room comfort for about 4 weeks. Even our Dog would not sit on it… and that is saying something, because he usually does whatever he is ‘not’ supposed to. Anyhow, we had the sofa tech in as well and were able to send it back. We went with the cozy wash-ability of the fabric IKEA sale in preparation for all the spills and such. The dog is very happy with the change, and no numbness to report.

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