Why I Love Dora & Diego

I know… I know… From the person who hates kids music – there is some kids TV that I love.  Actually, I’ll take the sound of kids’ TV over kids’ music ANY DAY.  Except for shows like the Wonder Pets and the Wiggles where 90% of the show is singing.  Ugh.

Our currently family LOVE is both Dora the Explorer and Go Diego Go!

Common shows, yes.  Awesome shows, yes.  My kids are currently 3 and 4.  That does make it easier (for me) when it comes time for them to watch tv or movies that they are only a year apart… They generally like the same things…. Makai’o prefers Dora and Amaris prefers Diego.  I’m okay with that.  But we are big fans of the shows and we happily watch an episode of each every day.

Here is why we love them so much:

  • Educational – I am always surprised that there are things that I LEARN (more from Go Diego Go than Dora) that I didn’t know before.  So many animals – even ones I didn’t know existed.
  • Bilingual – I love that Makai’o has great Spanish pronunciation and has exposed him to realize that people speak different languages.  It’s become a topic of interest for him when he notices someone speaks with an accent or he hears them speaking another language.  It also gives me a reason to speak to my kids in Spanish more – cause they think it’s fun.
  • Cultural – learning about all kinds of cultures, holidays and practices worldwide
  • Silly – It’s gotta be fun!  Talking monkey, baby jaguar…
  • Repetition without going over the top (like Teletubbies or other crazy ass shows that just play the same thing over and over)
  • Routined layout of show (the map, backpack and “Clic” the camera) – but with lots of variety from episode to episode.
  • It’s on netflix.
  • Problem solving – there is always something to overcome, and audience participation is required to solve that problem
  • Interactive – question and answer periods along with review of the things that have been taught throughout the episode.
  • Promotes imagination with some things that are magical and out of the ordinary.



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