Educating Other Children About Adoption

Okay – I’m not going to lie.  This post is inspired by Kristen who writes at Rage Against the Minivan.  Well, a lot of it is her writings… The rest of I have paraphrased.  I’m in no way an adoption expert.  But I am an adoption advocate.

Kid Questions About Adoption:

  • “That is not your real mom”
  • “So you are adopted?”
  • “What happened to your real parents?”

As parents, Here’s a little script for you from for when kids ask you the awkward questions.

1. Sometimes kids have different skin colors from their parents. It could be because they are adopted, or because their parents are different races, or because they have a step mom or step dad.  It’s no big deal.  They are still real families.  There is nothing wrong or weird about families with different skin colors. (Insert examples from your own life here).

2. When someone is adopted, their mom is just a mom.  The person who gave birth to them is called a “birth mom”.  Both of them are real moms.

3. It can be nosey or embarrassing to ask a kid if they are adopted or ask what happened to their birth mom, especially if you don’t know them.  That could make them feel bad, so don’t do it.  If you are curious, ask me about it and if I know the answer we can talk about it.

Or read some books… Or make sure they are accessible at your library, school libraries, and of course to these kids asking the questions.



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