Creative Answers to Awkward Questions for Kids!

Questions to kids, from kids about adoption…. And how to answer them.

Option #1 is basically doing any of these things or answering very vaguely and generically.

  • Walk Away
  • Ignore Them
  • Tell the Person – That’s personal and I prefer not to talk about it.  You don’t have a very mature understanding of adoption.
  • Answer with a Question – Don’t you think that’s a personal question? What do you think?

If your child prefers to have more of a planned comeback…. Here are some creative answers I’ve come across!

Question:  Do you ever plan to find your real parents?

  • Those are my real parents.
  • Do you ever plan to find your real brain? (teehee)

Question:  How come you don’t look like your sister/brother/mother/father?

  • I guess I just lucked out!
  • Because I’m better looking!
  • Not all kids look like their mommies and daddies.

Question:  Where is your real mom? That’s not your real mom!

  • This is my real mother, and she always will be.
  • Does she look like a fake mom to you?
  • Why are you asking?
  • Would I call her Mom if she wasn’t?
  • Yes, a real mom is the person who takes care of you.

Question:  Did your parents not want you?

  • I am wanted by all my family.
  • This is stuff we talk about at home.
  • I don’t feel like answering that question.

Question:  Why were you adopted?

  • My parents adopted me because they love me.

Question:  Where are your real parents?

  • You mean my biological parents? They live in Korea.
  • Over there!

Question:  Does it feel weird to be adopted?

  • Only when people ask me weird questions.

Question:  Are you ___________ (insert race of child here))?

  • Last time I looked I was Canadian.
  • What do you mean? Do you want to know my ethnicity or where I was born?
  • I’m Canadian, like you.
  • I’m from outer space.

Question:  Is that your real sister/brother/mother/father?

  • We’re an adoptive family, that’s why we look different.

If you have any other good answers to these questions – please respond!


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