Whooaaa…. Mexico!

Mexico, here I come.

Yes, I.  Just me.  Well, and my sister.

In January for a week – for the sun and an attempt to get through the winter.

In one month we leave.  The best birthday/Christmas present ever.  I didn’t know if we were going to be able to pull it off or not… But we did!  It’s all booked and we are ready to go… Well, I have to pack still, but everything is arranged.

We’ve rented a little condo on the beach, just outside of downtown Cancun – AWAY FROM THE HOTEL ZONE.  On the ocean, beside a beach, with it’s own pool.  So we will get our own groceries and cook our own meals and hop on the bus most evenings for a stroll in the market and to grab dinner in town.  We really wanted to go to Mexico, and the all inclusive options was just too expensive…  And plus, we don’t love all inclusives that much.  All the crazy partying isn’t our thing (at all).  I plan on sleeping 12 hours a day while we are away…. And you generally can’t do that at an all inclusive cause it’s too loud at night, and then you will miss breakfast in the morning and all of the pool chairs… So this way I can achieve my vacation goals of:  sleeping, sunning, reading, swimming and eating avocados in all its formats including guacamole and anything that can be eaten with it.

So we are saving $300+ each by doing it this way and we each get our own bedroom… I don’t know how that can be a bad options.

First trip away from Jon and the kids.  Jon and I together did two nights in a hotel over a year ago…. But other than that, this will be my first trip longer than that away from the kids, and Jon will be holding down the fort with some help from my parents.


Mexico.  I love you already.




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