Holiday Gong Show

It’s true. Holidays are a gong show for many…. But for us, this year, it was strangely low on the “things to do and people to see” list.  This is why two weeks went by with not a single blog post.  The schedulued posts ran out before the holidays hit.

December 21-January 6 we had our own version of a gong show. This holiday season we spent time as a family… But this family time also came with some difficulties.  The culprit – lack of routine.  The two weeks that could have been a “normal” ended up being an ADHD challenged, sleep deprived, routineless blur of 15 days.

I don’t mean to complain.  That is not the purpose of this blog.  But the opposite, an encouragement to enjoy instead of endure.  I had to go through the last two weeks telling myself that daily… I enjoyed some fun experiences with my kids that we would normally not be able to do as often due to our regimented schedule.  I am thankful that I run my own business and I allow myself to take two weeks off at the end of December and that I don’t have to scramble to find child care for my kiddos.  I did enjoy the holidays and avoided enduring them.

We tried to do something out of the ordinary each day, to make it special.

  • Playing in the snow – well, we got snow, so we took advantage of that.
  • Went swimming – my grandparents live in a seniors residence that has a very warm salt water pool
  • Eating treats – allowing a little more snacking and them knowing that this was extra special (Bed time snacks, chocolate treats, having an applesauce AND a cookie!)
  • Playing with new toys – this applied more from December 25 onward.  We were advised to do this when we first had kids and it works well for us – We put about 70% of the toys and activities they got away…. And we bring out something new every few days over the holidays.  We then spread that out to every week and then every month as they need new things to do throughout the year.  For Makai’o that just has to apply until his birthday in May, for Amaris that has to spread out a bit further until her birthday in September.
  • Watching new movies.  Jon and I love TV and movies, and we are passing that love onto the kids (at an appropriate amount of screen time for the kids).  We watched a bunch of Pixar movies as well as some old Disney movies.  A great time to introduce new movies or shows.
  • Go to bed a little later and wake up a little later.  Both our kids are light sleepers and don’t sleep well through the night, but when there is complete silence in the mornings, they don’t wake up at their normal 7:00-7:15 am.  But if you take a shower, get up to use the bathroom, or anything else before that time… They are awake for good… Anyways, we are very thankful to have a number of sleep in days where the kids slept past 8:00am.
  • Ipad.  Both the kids LOVE the ipad – they love technology.  Makai’o got some ITunes gift cards for Christmas so he could buy some new games.    They were also allowed more screen time than they normally have.
  • Board Games.  We have family games night on a weekly basis… We played a game almost every day during the holidays.

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