Adoption Talks

Lately, we’ve been having a lot of adoption talks with Makai’o.  I don’t know if it is Christmas time, seeing his birth siblings, extra family time, seeing pregnancy in on our our family friends or just random timing – but there have been some of our first Makai’o initiated adoption talks.

The other night Makai’o was spending a little bit of alone time in his room and when I went to go talk to him after this time out…. We discussed what happened (which is a whole other story and probably ended up being one of the worst days we’ve had in a while) and then after I said “I love you bud”.

He then asked me (and it seemed out of the blue)… “Mummy, I wasn’t in your tummy was I?”

My response was, “No Kai, You were in your birth mom’s body and then she gave birth to you.  You were a baby and you lived with your foster mom until Daddy and I were chosen to be your mummy and daddy.  We are your forever family.”

His response.  “OK.  Sure.”

What seems like a simple conversation was a big deal as it was the first time he brought up the topic, asked the question, wanted an answer… It was fully initiated by him…. It was wonderful, and I loved it.  And it was a pleasure to confirm with him that I was his “real, everyday with him, forever mom”.

What have some of your first adoption questions and conversations been like?



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