Why?  Cause I’m on the plane right now…. On my way to Mexico with Meghan, my sister.  I’m going on a much needed holiday without my husband or my kids.  For 7 days of relaxing – actual relaxing – when we can eat what we want and when we want and therefore do the dishes whenever and sleep as much as we want.  This is a really selfish vacation.  It’s going to be great.

Here are my top reasons why (in this circumstance) this is better than idea then going to an All Inclusive.

#1 – Cheaper – In comparison to a seven day, four star Last Minute Booking, we saved  a minimum of $150 per person to go to the Mayan Riviera.

#2 – More relaxing and rest – As I stated above, doing everything when we want and how we want and not having to set our alarms at 7am to rush and get pool chairs or beach palapas.  I always feel like I need to get my money’s worth at an AI.  Neither of us are big drinkers, so it’s not like we’d be spending that money anyways… Rest and relaxation is the point of this vacation.  We are on the first floor of a private apartment building, where the sliding back door opens up to a table and chairs and from that, another four metres to the pool and then five metres more to the ocean.  It also means I get to have freezing cold drinks straight from the fridge or freezer – which is a huge plus if you know me.  I love cold drinks.

#3 – Food.  The food factor is important because of my sensitive digestion issues that stemmed from when I had Typhoid in 2006.  If you knew how you contract Typhoid – you will know how much this matters.  I prefer to know exactly where my food is coming from (the grocery store) and we will be cooking most meals ourselves.  We will eat at some restaurants and most likely have higher standards that resorts or their staff.  We will only eat where the locals eat so we know we are getting the best of the best.  Also, we like Mexican food, a lot.  In resorts they have Americanized and European foods with some special “local dishes” on one night of the week.  We want quesadillas, enchiladas, taquitos, and burritos!  My goal is to have avocados and beans at every meal.

#4 – Picking Flights – When we actually left (12:30pm) and arrived home (11:30pm) was PERFECT.  Not having to leave at 7am, like most AIs is a huge BONUS.  It’s nice to not be completely exhausted the first day you start your holiday.  We needed to go from a Saturday to Saturday.  It was really important as Meghan had specific times she could and couldn’t get off work.  We ended up choosing flights with a stop over to save a bit more and leave and get home without having to get up early any morning when leaving or coming home.  That also saves transportation costs allowing us to take the bus to and from the airport (in Cancun) instead of having to take an expensive taxi at 4am for those early morning discount flights.

#5 – Activities & Resort Staff – I hate the “animation” team’s idea of fun… Embarrassing games, bad annoying music by the pool, competitions and pool games… basically any forced activities or games.  I hate being asked a million times a day why I’m not having fun.  To me, reading a book and listening to Ben Harper is fun.  (Wuhhoo – I’m a party animal!)

#6 – Resort Guests – Away from the crazy is what I need for this vacation… So my dislike of other resort guests really coincides with my comments above… But more specifically, young, foolish drunkeness is what I’m referring too.  Not the staff of the resorts, but the guests… Loud yelling, partying and other noises not appreciated by my ears.

#7 – Spanish – We speak Spanish, so it makes everything easier.

#8 – Free Wifi – We got an apartment with free wifi so we can talk with kids each day.  It costs A LOT at resorts.

We are going to have a great vacation.
We will update with pictures if we can!  If not, I’ll post them when I get home and back on the computer on the 21st.



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