Eek. I’m Back. Just.

Hello.  I’m here again.  We’ve just had a little bit of a delay on me getting back into things… For example, I got strep throat the second day I was away on vacation.  I didn’t get to see a doctor until I got home, so didn’t start antibiotics until Day 6 of my strep.  Then it took 5 days until my throat was feeling a bit better, but my body doesn’t respond well to antibiotics, so I feel sick and gross through all 10 days.  So it’s been a hectic few weeks getting back into routine with the kids and feeling rotten the whole time.  The blog, along with laundry, cooking and cleaning took a back seat to me trying to get better.  Ps.  Strep throat feels like you are swallowing glass.  It was not fun.

My vacation was very enjoyable, we laid low, relaxed, ate, lay by the pool, read books, walked around…. And rested.  It was a week of rest even though I was sick for most of the time we were away.  We had fun and it was a good girl’s week away.  My sister and I hadn’t been away together since I was 19, so it was a much deserved and much needed trip for the two of us.  I’m already counting down to next year…



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