Fridge Dilema

The fridge dilema.  The dilema of the fridge. The problem of the fridge dilemation. Yep.  Just made that word up.  Our fridge, Eaton’s Viking Brand, circa 1970 has this certain smell to it… This smell that won’t go away no matter how often I clean it.  It also leaks about 1 cup of liquid each day into the fridge, and then more out of the fridge.  Also, the seal doesn’t fully close on the fridge or the freezer. All of these signs…. B.A.D. Bad.



What to do?!  Well…. On Sunday I did something out of the ordinary.  Very out of the ordinary for me.  We have this time at church where people can come up and give testimonies about the goodness of God.  Whether that is sharing where God has provided, a testimony of healing, sharing where you’ve told someone about Jesus or another story that may be encouraging to the church.  I had something small to share.  I had something to share about generosity.

A few months back I asked God for a dishwasher.  I was desperate.  I asked God to provide us with a dishwasher, and for free.  We didn’t have one, and I needed that for myself for my family and we didn’t have a penny. I put it out on facebook and on my blog and quickly a friend responded that they had a dishwasher we could have, for free.  I was over the moon excited.  It took a while, but this weekend that dishwasher finally got installed in my kitchen.  I shared that with the church that someone’s generosity provided us with a new (to us) dishwasher.  YAY!  I also stuck in there and  shared that our fridge broke and that we were in need of more of God’s provision as we didn’t have the money to purchase a new one.  That part may have been a bit selfish.  But me standing up in front of a big group of people sharing anything was a huge deal.  God provided.  Yay, people, be encouraged!



And there is more… This weekend, Jon received a contract that provided some money for us… Not a whole new fridge’s worth, but some.  We were pleased.  Enough to put a bit away.  I was at Home Depot on Sunday afternoon with my dad and Makai’o and happened to walk by the appliance section, where there was a SALE.  I took a quick looksie at the fridges… Makai’o wanted to open all the doors, I don’t blame him.  That’s fun.  Around the corner I went, and I saw a fridge, plain, simple, freezer top and fridge bottom, GE, Stainless steel, 20 cubit feet, with a big giant SPECIAL sign on it, marked down – $100 off.  Ooh!  I took a look inside, and it looked good to me.  Asked for a measuring tape and it would fit in our fridge spot.  Good, good.  I asked about delivery… not so bad.  I asked about haul away… not so bad.  When our kitchen is on our second storey, that makes it totally worth it… I then asked about delivery date.  And take a listen to this:  When he put in the code to the fridge, it was another $100 off.  STELLAR DEAL.  So here I was with a brand new fridge that was $200 off the average price of a simple fridge and with delivery and tax – the same price that Jon’s contract was for.  It was God’s provision for us.  No question about it.  Jon and I talked on the phone and I bought it right away.  It’ll be delivered next week.  Brand new fridge, delivered right into my kitchen… That’ll be a great testimony for next Sunday.  And we didn’t really spend a penny!


So I may have a majorly mismatched kitchen with a stainless fridge, a cream coloured stove and a white dishwasher… But ah well, I’m not picky.  My kitchen is pink, brown, brass and cream with my putty colored walls…. So basically it’s a good old mess.  So doesn’t really matter!  Also, my stove is the original 1970 stove as well, so it will die eventually as well and will therefore need to be replaced!



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