Gettin’ Fit

Ya, I’m getting fit… Well, I’m working on it.  For real this time.  How many times have I said this, and how many times have I ended up weighing more than when I started?  I am basing this on exercise instead of food.  I eat quite healthily.  At least the content of what I eat.  Now I am working on controlling my portions – because I really enjoy my food… and that’s more of the issue than what I eat.  It’s so easy to just have a tad more, or one more bite, or just another scoop, or just to finish that little bit off.  But I am really trying.  I’m actually walking everyday for a minimum of 3km and going to crossfit workouts once a week.  I didn’t want to keep this a huge secret, but I wasn’t ready to announce it to the world until I was fully committed to it.  It’s hard to let people know, because it’s hard to have others be able to keep you accountable to it.  But here it goes:

  • I am losing weight
  • I am exercising a minimum of 5 times per week
  • I am eating smaller portions
  • I am making healthier choices
  • I am sleeping more (8 hrs minimum)

So the blog might have a few more posts about my journey through getting a little more in shape… Or at least my attempt at it… Losing pounds and getting healthy.


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