Changin’ It Up

I’m changin’ it up for how I am eating healthily.  And here’s why.

About 15 months ago I tried Weight Watchers for the second time.  I was so hungry – ALL THE TIME.  I don’t know how this plan works for so many people, because, I only lasted 5 weeks and -11 lbs.  I just couldn’t handle the constant hunger.  There needs to be a way to combat the hunger.  While I am increasing my physical activity (a lot), I am also increasing the amount of water I’m drinking (which is easier as the weather gets warmer) and lessening the food that I eat.  And the food that I eat needs to be healthier choices.  Like the other morning, for breakfast, I actually made a smoothie with spinach in it.  I got out the Magic Bullet and some fruits and spinach and yogurt and juice and I was good to go.  I know for ages people have been putting spinach in their smoothies, but for me, this was a big step.  Sure I’d been drinking fruit/veggie juice blends for a while, but for some reason actual blended vegetables seemed different.  It was delicious and I should have gotten over myself long ago.  I plan on drinking a smoothie everyday for breakfast.  I did have to eat my lunch at 11:50 since I was hungry by then, but hey, it’s a step in the right direction!

So now, I’m not going on any food plan to lose the weight this time around.  No Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig or Dr. Bernstein or anything like that.  I am researching a bit more into what I am eating and making menus for all the meals that I am eating cause lunch time is my weakness.  I can’t just eat whatever at lunch.  More vegetables.  Always more vegetables.  But I’m making wise choices and being smart, and once again, watching portions.  Eating off a salad plate instead of a dinner plate.  And keeping track of everything I eat.  It helps if you know exactly what you are putting in your body.  Makes sense, right?!

Any other tips for you weight loss gurus out there?


3 thoughts on “Changin’ It Up

  1. I make smoothies in the morning too- it really helps me to stay full by grinding oatmeal (uncooked) into a powder and blending in the smoothie. You may need more liquid to help it not e so thick to drink though. I’ve also switched to almond milk in my smoothies instead of yogurt or cows milk

  2. Hey Andrea,

    Haven’t chatted in a while but noticed your post. Have you watched Food Matters? They highlight the importance of not starving yourself, going all low fat, and dieting. We need whole, real foods, good fats (like from grass fed meats), lots of veggies obviously, and not a ton of carbs. Check out the video, it’s very inspiring! You can watch it on Netflix. And good luck! First step is starting! Hope you guys are well!

    Karen Brown 🙂

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