Taking Advice

I did see my doctor to get his recommendations for continuing on my health for more healthy living choices, and though he was pleased I was making good choices – they weren’t completely the right ones.  With the health issues I have and the body shape I have along with family health history I should be basing my eating habits around food Glycemic Index.  I’d heard of this before, looked into it before… But it just seemed a little bit confusing.  Now that I understand it, and how it effects me it makes a lot more sense.

My instructions are this:

  • I have to increase protein at breakfast along with my smoothies, and include a small piece of toast if I wish – especially on the days that I work out in the morning.  So have a scrambled or boiled egg with my smoothie.
  • I also have to stay away from the high GI foods (like bananas and certain juices) in my smoothies and stick to the spinach, fat free yogurt, almond milk and berries.  I’m really liking this smoothie thing.
  • If I’m really jonesing for some carbs, try and fit it in the beginning of my day like baked hashbrowns, etc.
  • I also need to get better at eating lunch.  I need to eat more food at lunch and better food at lunch.  As if my doctor is telling me that in order for me to be losing weight, I need to be eating more.  Just sounds funny.  Once again, more protein… Always with the more protein and more vegetables. And I’m even allowed carbs at lunch if I’m going to be active or working out in the afternoon or evening.  In my case, it will be easier for me to eat a holistic lunch that is vegetable and protein based as a meal instead of smaller snacks (which is what I prefer).  Cause who likes a chicken breast for a snack?  Not me.
  • Dinner needs to stay small, salads, soups or if Im really hungry – soup and salad.  This should be a meal that is vegetable based that is to give me the nutrients to last me the 12 hours + until I eat breakfast….

I’m playing with the idea of making the family’s main meal for my lunch time, and then eating it at lunch and then having it ready for the kids at supper time.  Jon will eat the soups and salads with me at dinner and then take the food for his meal the next day at lunch.  We are going to try it out and see if it works.  Even though my kids are amazing eaters, they aren’t big on salads.  Luckily they both are into soups and stews, but I’m not, so it will be a challenge for me, especially going into the warmer months.  I just hate making more than one meal at a meal time.  But I wouldn’t be really, I would be making the salads at dinner, and the main meal at lunch, but then just eating them at different times… Ah well!  Gets a little confusing!



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