Loving the Cheezy

I’m not going to lie.  The blog is going to be filled with a lot of my new health endeavours  Exercise, recipes, tips, how hard it is… All of it.  This new journey that I am going through with exercise and eating a bit differently and living a more active lifestyle is a bit different than the original purpose of this blog and the discussion of adoption, but because it’s about my life, therefore this is a big part of our family right now.  And will be until I lose some pounds and get into better health.  So if you are into hearing how it’s all going – please, read on!

So my friend of mine gave me these DVDs a while ago.  They are “Walk at Home” work out videos by Leslie Sansone.  As if walking isn’t easy enough on its own, now you can do it in your own home…  I laughed and thought there is no way I will watch these DVDs or ever do the workouts.  THERE IS NO WAY.  They looked super cheezy, the covers looked cheezy, the titles were cheezy… Everything was just… Cheezy.


In the last two weeks I have tried a number of different youtube videos including some celebrity trainers like Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper and I’m not quite there yet.  Physically and emotionally and mentally, I’m just not ready for all of that.  After trying four different videos in a week and crying my way through a few workouts, I thought I’d give these Leslie Sansone DVDs a try.  A year after I received them, here I am, giving them a try…

Walking at home sounds silly right, but how many times have I not done any physical activity for basically all of November – March because I hate the cold.  How lazy does that make me?  But it’s true.  And many of you who are overweight feel self conscious about being the fatty in the workout gear going out for a walk.  (And there’s another rant coming another day about finding plus size work out gear.) Now I don’t have to feel self conscious about being judged by the other walkers and runners and just GET OUT THERE.  So all this time I was always thinking I didn’t want to go outside, but what the heck would I do indoors?  And who knew, it’s as simple as walking, in one spot.  I don’t have to worry about bundling up, or being too hot, or worrying about it being rainy… (Don’t worry, I do go outside a lot too).  I can walk in the comfort of my own home.  I have gotten over myself about being self conscious because no one should judge me for trying to get healthy and getting my butt outdoors.  But back to these videos.  I’m totally digging them.


There is regular walking and then there are four basic steps in addition to the walking that are mixed up in there in intervals. The steps are a side step, a forward leg kick, a back leg kick, and a knee lift.  THAT’S IT.  These things are put into combination with moving the upper body in pulls and stretches.  No weights, no extreme holds, no chance of injury… Just different variations of walking!

As they are American DVDs, they are divided up by miles.  The instructor, Leslie Sansone, basically just talks you through the miles, the different intervals, the different steps with the arm movements and counts.  Talks a bit about health and different things about exercise and the movements and muscle groups.  Really simple, encouraging… And totally a good work out.  Simple movements that somehow get me completely drenched in sweat by the end of the 45 minutes.  The 3 miles are enjoyable.  I also love how the have women (and men) of all different body shapes and sizes, ages and stages, teenagers to grandparents, doing the workouts with Leslie.

So basically, I am totally endorsing these videos and after a year of having them and never watching them, I am doing them a few times a week when I can’t get out of the house.

Leslie Sansone – Walk at Home.  Simple, Easy and totally effective.  Give it a try and tell me how it goes!

Also, if you have any of these DVDs, and you aren’t using them anymore… Hand them on over, I’d love to take them off your hands!  Mix it up from the two I’m using now!  Thanks friends!




2 thoughts on “Loving the Cheezy

  1. About 8 weeks ago I did a “liver detox” with my in-laws. It totally jump started me thinking about some serious health changes that I needed to make. I borrowed a couple of Leslie’s dvds from a friend and started doing them after I put the kids down at night. She is so positive, encouraging and focuses not on weight loss, but health: feeling energetic, happy and confident. It was the perfect ease into “exercise”, something I had not done for near a decade. Now I am working on a running program with my sister-in-law. I give the Leslie dvds credit for showing me that I can do it. I can make changes that cause me to be healthier and happier. And 24lbs lighter. My prayers and best wishes for your good health!

    • Thanks so much! I’m really enjoying them… I’m 16lbs down so far, but only 5lbs since I started her DVDs. Got a few more this weekend, picking up the pace to 5 mile walks!

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