Apples, Peppers and Salads Oh My!

These are the things I’m already sick of in my healthy eating and living changes… I keep thinking its this big drastic change, and it is, but it’s not… Lots of little changes make up a big one… More veggies, raw veggies was totally a weakness. I hated preparing them. Now I have them ready to go. But I am sick of the peppers in any colour… The apples, in any variety and the green salad, even with yummy toppings…

I need ideas here friends. Looking for full meal ideas that are low cal (like max 500 per serving-and satisfies) or nutritious salad ideas, cause I’m bored already…

Websites, recipes, ideas, all welcome!
And calorie count is necessary for my tracking… So if you have that-fantastical!



One thought on “Apples, Peppers and Salads Oh My!

  1. Look up NY times black bean burgers… I love them (I am not sure the calories but its 80% veg and then some oatmeal just to bin together… So yummy!!!). Do you have a smartphone? If you do I highly recommend my fitness pal, it’s a free app that helps track your calories each day and log every thing you eat. You can scan any barcode and it has the info in there! You can create your own recipes and it remembers recent meals you’ve had.

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