What it Means to be Pro-Life

I was reading a dialogue on Red Letter Christians, one of my favorite websites, about being pro-life and how it is more than just being anti-abortion. This resonated with me as an adoptive parent. Feeling strongly about abortion and adoption and being a pacifist and feeling strongly about the death penalty, well, this dialogue brought it all together in one. I’d love to highlight a few points that I really loved.

What it Means to be Pro-Life

  • SHANE CLAIBORNE: We need to be pro-life from the womb to the tomb. Abortion and euthanasia, the death penalty and war, poverty and health care—all of these are issues of life and death. And they are issues Jesus cares about because they affect real people.
  • TONY CAMPOLO: It’s not enough to only save the lives of “the born” as we try to do in our endeavors to abolish the death penalty. We must also do all we can to protect the unborn. We have to raise serious questions about abortion, which has become all too common in our society. When we talk about being pro-life, we have to be, consistently pro-life.
  • KRISTEN DAY: If you are going to talk about being pro-life, it has to be a seamless statement of life that reaches all the way from abortion to war to caring for the poor.
  • SHANE CLAIBORNE: Our ideologies come with responsibility. In my neighborhood, to be against abortion means we have to figure out what to do when a fourteen-year-old girl gets pregnant. If we are really pro-life, we had better have some foster kids and teen moms living with us to prove it. I don’t want to just be an anti-abortion or anti-death person. I want to be pro-life. For far too long, we Christians have been known more by what we are against than by what we are for. I am ready for a Christianity that is consistently committed to life and all about interrupting death everywhere it raises its ugly face.

How true is all of this?  How many times do people talk about pro-life as just meaning anti-abortion…. When pro-life means so much more than that… Pro-life means choosing life in all circumstances, consistently and constantly.  And making the choices to support others in a way that they can also make those pro-life choices in all of their circumstances, consistently and constantly.  Makes sense, no?  Let’s stop being against so much and be pro so much more.


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