Flip Flop

Flip flop goes my weight… Up and down, up and down… two then three and now four pounds up and down. After dropping 30, then two more, I’ve started to go back and forth up and down up to four pounds. So the total difference of my losing 28-32lbs in total. I’m still pleased with my accomplishments, but I am trying to figure out how I am going to keep my weight going down instead of sitting around the same number for weeks.

Now that the kids are on summer break, my schedule is much different and I don’t have the chance to exercise on my own unless I go out in the evening after the kids have gone to bed. And knowing myself, I’m not going to want to do that at 8:30 when I’ve had a full day of children craziness, especially when the weather gets even warmer.

How do I keep up the daily exercise with the children (mine are 3 and 5)? I am active with the kids during the day, but that isn’t enough. I need vigorous exercise. What can I do? I need help, suggestions, comments… What do you do? How do you stay in shape with your kids?



4 thoughts on “Flip Flop

  1. I just got a double jogging stroller so I can take the kids with me because I know I’ll never want to go out in the evenings after they’re in bed… but I don’t know if it still works for your kids ages, they’ll fit in a stroller? Logan loves it though, he likes going fast. 🙂

    • Amaris will still go in a stroller, but we got rid of our double stroller when Makaio was done being in a stroller at about 3.5 years old. So that leaves me with Makaio. We’ve attempted him on the bike and her in the stroller and that’s been go so far, but now the motivation is more the issue 😀

  2. What time does Jon leave for work? I’ve been getting up and running around 6:15 when Joel is still around. Seems to work best and it’s done although I’m so not a morning person, trying to make it a priority!

    • Wow that’s early. I’m so not a morning person. At all. That would make the most sense. Me get up and go before Jon left for work…. It’s a really good idea, and that way it wouldn’t be too hot out with the warm weather. But I don’t know if it’s going to happen! Maybe I’ll give it a try, if I can get myself in bed at night in time and out of bed in the morning!

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