Macaroni Art

So the second week into the summer and I’m realizing I’m having to do a lot of planning and preparing different activities, crafts, and just keep things very scheduled. This is keeping everyone sane. Mostly me. Yep.

Makaio has all the sudden become interested in crafts. After 3 years of not wanting to cut, paste, create, or anything in between, he is curious and wanting to try it all out. I’m wanting to take advantage of this. So I wanted to start with some of my favorite things to do… Macaroni Art.

I bought some macaroni, orzo and tubetti for some different textures for our pasta art. I made some templates of initials (for family members), animals, and pictures that the kids might like to fill. And then of course just construction paper for them to create their own masterpiece.

I died the pasta with the vinegar and food color method (approx 2 tsp vinegar and 10 drops color), soon discovering after that the rubbing alcohol (2 tsp to 4 drops) (or hand sanitizer 2 squirts to 2 drops) and food colouring is faster drying and less messy… Wish I had read more websites before starting the 3 evening process of dying all my noodles and then letting them dry. Then combing through them and making sure they didn’t stick together. My nails still are slightly blue.

It was a little messier and more frustrating than I expected. And I enjoyed it the most out of the three of us…. But here are our results!







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