No One Brings You Food

An article to make you think.
How are you practically serving your community around you?  And when are you doing it?

Comfort Food – No one Brings you Food when your Daughter is an Addict

“Friends talk about cancer and other physical maladies more easily than about psychological afflictions. Breasts might draw blushes, but brains are unmentionable. These questions are rarely heard:
“How’s your depression these days?”
“What improvements do you notice now that you have treatment for your ADD?”
“Do you find your manic episodes are less intense now that you are on medication?”
“What does depression feel like?”
“Is the counseling helpful?”
A much smaller circle of friends than those who’d fed us during cancer now asked guarded questions. No one ever showed up at our door with a meal.”

Take the few minutes to read the article in full.

Are there people around you who might do well with a meal being brought to them?
The out-of-the-blue treat of not having to cook, it’s a special day.


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