Winter Vacation – Here We Come

In 3 months from today, we will be getting on the plane to Jamaica.  We are so looking forward to our family vacation… But it’s a big family vacation.  My parents are coming, as are my sister and her husband.  From one simple little trip to a big family adventure – it’s going to be amazing.

We chose Runaway Bay, Jamaica for it’s perfect weather, nice beaches and good food.  We decided to go to an all inclusive resort.  Why?  Well, with young kids it make a lot of sense… Not having to worry about different restaurants and transportation and public beaches and well, it’s plain old easier.  For this vacation, we wanted easy.  And who’s kidding who… I don’t want to cook and clean on my vacation!  Would you?

Benefits of Jamaica over Mexico, Cuba or Dominican – no language barrier, great music, good quality rum (yum!) and less chance of getting sick.

We are so looking forward to taking the kids to the ocean for the first time and jumping in the waves!

Are you going on a family vacation this year?


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