How to Save for Travel

How did we afford our upcoming family holiday?  Think about all the little places you spend money… $2 here, $5 there… It adds up.  These are our cost saving methods:

  • We hardly ever go out for meals and we rarely get fast food or order in.
  • We don’t drink coffee (or much tea)… And we don’t visit Starbucks or Timmys frequently.
  • We bring refillable water bottles from home and always have them with us so we don’t ever have to buy a drink.
  • We have a small entertainment budget. (No cable, few paid date nights, few movies)
  • Very little paid babysitting.  If you don’t have any teenagers or young adults in your life who are willing to give up an evening for you and your partner… Think about the other parents you know.  Could you trade off nights babysitting for date night?  Luckily we have a really awesome family.
  • We hardly ever buy something just while we are out.  Every purchase is made with thought and calculation.
  • Renovations.  We only do what needs to be done in our home for upkeep and don’t do any unnecessary renovations. (This is a huge sacrifice as my kitchen is falling apart)
  • We aren’t busy.  The kids each take one class per season for extracurricular activities. The days fill up quickly!
  • We live simply.  We spend very little on clothes and choose to only buy something when necessary.
  • We don’t eat fancy food, though healthy, we often eat vegetarian or share two pieces of meat between the four of us.  Our grocery budget is much lower than average.
  • When the money runs out, we stop spending.
  • I’ve learned how to stretch a dollar and prioritize spending.
  • We are crazy ass savers.

I love the ocean SO much and am excited about all these sacrifices to have an incredible week by the pool and on the beach with the kids.



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