Ah… Amaris.

So Amaris is funny.  She is just getting her words together into sentences and she is beginning to pronounce her words much better than she has been in the recent past.  And sometimes, she will just say full sentences so incredibly precisely that it’s astonishing that it’s even coming out of her mouth.  Like this morning.  at 4:45am.

Amaris: Good morning Grammie…….. I hear seagulls.
Grammie: NO Amaris, it is still night time and you need to go back to sleep.
Amaris: Okay, Grammie….I play with the seagulls now.

Random.  Funny.  She’s awesome.
She didn’t go back to sleep.  That was her up for the day.

Makai’o was a late speaker, as is Amaris.  Because she is verbally communicating, and she does have a lot of speech – though a lot of it is difficult to decipher – we are giving her some more time to self improve before taking her to speech therapy.  Don’t worry, we are aware that she has a speech delay.