Rant on Plus Size Work Out Gear

Here I go, ready for it?  Really – plus size work out gear.  Shouldn’t it be easy to find plus size work out gear, and shouldn’t it be inexpensive when you do find it?  I’m having the hardest time finding clothing items that are appropriate for working out.  It’s not the kind of thing that you can buy ahead and hope it will fit you one day.  It kind of needs to fit you now.  I have a few things that are okay for doing my in home videos, but not so much for out in public… Like the weekly crossfit classes in the gyms or outdoors or going for very brisk walks on my own.

I’m currently wearing a really old pair of too small yoga pants that are pilled and almost worn through, paired with a too small sports bra and an oversized tshirt.  NONE OF THOSE THINGS ARE COMFORTABLE.  Geez.  I’m working out five days a week or more.  I’d like to be comfortable for those five hours a week of moving my body in unatural ways!

As someone who is plus size, overweight, and trying to change that, there should be workout gear everywhere – and every clothing store!  It should be easy to find, right at my fingertips… I should be able to get it at plus size stores like Addition Elle and Reitmans, but also standard stores like Old Navy and Joe Fresh that just don’t carry the larger sizes anymore… Not even at Winners or Marshalls!  And Target didn’t bring ANY plus sizes to Canada which was the biggest tease ever as I waited for 18 months for it’s arrival!

It seems frustrating that it is just one more thing stopping me from comfortably working out – not having the clothing to work out in.  Come on stores – get with the program.  Help us fatties get in shape!  Make us some yoga pants that fit!

Don’t get me started on sports bras.


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